What’s better than a hot air balloon ride? A hot air balloon over Napa! After a week long exploring and hiking in Yosemite National Park, we decide to “Un-wine” in Napa. We had been to Napa before and always seem to make our way back. I had seen the hot air balloons but never wanted to spend the money. On this trip I was celebrating my 30th birthday and decided to splurge. I am so glad we did, it was breathtaking!  The picturesque scenery is unbeatable.  It is also a great activity to do as a group.  I was amazed at how smooth the ride was, not at all what I expected.  I do recommend taking a sweater as it is pretty chilly up there, but if you forget it is a good excuse to snuggle.  It was quite an experience , and one I will always cherish.  After the hot air balloon ride we made our way back to a delicious brunch with mimosas.

We booked our tour with Balloons Above the Valley. The tour included champagne and brunch celebration after the flight. Total per person was $209 for about 55 minutes of flight time.

scenic views all around

Brunch followed after our flight and let’s just say my husband had no shame. He was the first one in line and filled his plate multiple times. I will say, the brunch was excellent. It took place at a nearby Marriot, and the outdoor setting was perfect!

brunch package

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