What’s better than a hot air balloon ride? A hot air balloon over Napa Valley! After a week long exploring and hiking in Yosemite National Park, we decide to “Un-wine” in Napa. We had been to Napa before and always seem to make our way back. I had seen the hot air balloons but never wanted to spend the money. On this trip I was celebrating my 30th birthday and decided to splurge. I am so glad we did, it was breathtaking!  The picturesque scenery is unbeatable.  It is also a great activity to do as a group.  I was amazed at how smooth the ride was, not at all what I expected.  I do recommend taking a sweater as it is pretty chilly up there, but if you forget it is a good excuse to snuggle.  It was quite an experience , and one I will always cherish.  After the hot air balloon ride we made our way back to a delicious brunch with mimosas.